Carla Chiusano

Carla Chiusano, born in Turin in 1964, lives and works in Milan. Her life and painting have been marked by travel and time spent in Italy, Switzerland, London and Rio de Janeiro. Around 2007, Carla was making predominantly abstract paintings, then the discovery of imagery and the fine-tuning of a cold, analytic style, with a contemporary cut. She began with animals, alter egos of humans that included tigers, zebras, lions, elephants, bears and, more recently, a rich portfolio of dog breeds depicted in close-ups, which overshadow the background; most notably, in the polar bear series the canvases are dominated by the strategic use of infinite variations of white.

Recently exhibiting in Zurich, Forte dei Marmi, Milano and in Torino.
Film director Mimmo Calopresti dedicated her a documentary film “Conversations on the art of Carla Chiusano”.
Carla is listed in the CAM Catalogue of Contemporary Art of 2016 and 2017.
Semifinalist for the Art Prize – Cairo Editori in 2015 and 2016.
Her work is present in several private collections.